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Chook Leaf shoes are made from lambskin leather, which is soft and comfortable. 

They should be worn for ‘special’ occasions. They love walking or running, driving tractors, flying planes, having tea parties and snuggling up to teddy bears with comfy socks. They don’t like walking in water, kicking a football, climbing mountains, snow skiing, walking on the moon or treading in chook or horse poo for that matter. When they get dirty, wipe clean with a damp cloth (not wet) and please don’t rub. Never dry directly near a heat source, if they become wet, let them dry naturally.

Chook Leaf shoes are handmade and sometimes don’t look identical, that’s because they’re not made in machines that heat, stick, twist, mould and stretch, but are put together with love and care. Follow the above rules and they’ll last forever. Chook Leaf are the best shoes and boots in the world or any other big place!

Foot doctors love Chook Leaf shoes because they’re shaped to promote happy, healthy feet.

Just in case you were wondering, a chook leaf is a feather.

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